Building a Liberal Arts Education

Building a Liberal Arts Education

Warsaw University Case Example

The Centre for Studies on the Classical Tradition in Poland and East-Central Europe (Polish abbreviation: OBTA), an autonomous unit within Warsaw University, was established in 1992. Its first purpose was to encourage and coordinate studies on the role of Greek, Roman and Byzantine sources in the culture of East-Central Europe. The second aim was to promote and develop the idea of interdisciplinary education in the humanities, in the spirit of liberal arts programs. OBTA combines studies on joint cultural heritage with a reflection on its national and regional variation. (fragment)

Catalog: EEDC’s Catalog
Belarusian publishers: Artes Liberales Institute
  • Publication Place: Warsaw
  • Publication Date: 2003
  • Publisher: Artes Liberales Institute
  • Sizes: 36 s.
  • Category: History, Culture
  • Book Collection: EEDC
  • Copy Numbers: E-1997
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