How To Set Up And Run An Advice Service

How To Set Up And Run An Advice Service

Wilson Dick, Mniszko Stefan

The idea behind advice services is that society should be ruled by law. People have rights. They have responsibilities. They need to know what these are. They need help to obtain their rights. They need help to carry out their responsibilities. Advice services can provide some of this knowledge and help. In this way, advice services don't just assume the rule of law. They help to establish it. (Introduction, fragment)

Catalog: EEDC’s Catalog
Belarusian Authors: Wilson Dick, Mniszko Stefan
Belarusian publishers: The Know How Fund
  • Publication Place: Nottingham
  • Publication Date: 1998
  • Publisher: The Know How Fund
  • ISBN: 1-874259-01-1
  • Category: Politics, Society
  • Book Collection: EEDC
  • Copy Numbers: E-2401
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